Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Overview :

Our site works according to General Data Protection Regulation and its latest requirements across the company. We have re-evaluated the methods and timelines necessary to gather, use, store, and organize personal information and modernize policies. The company has also reviewed the standards and documentation. Customers will be required to provide certain kinds of personal data to use or its services. The company will only use such information according to the reviewed version of the privacy policy. Your use of or any of its available services will mean you agree to our procedure of collecting, using, and disclosing your data as per this privacy policy. Contconcord aims to protect its customers’ privacy to ensure better services. Its privacy policy revolves around regular procedures and guidelines about the collection, store, usage, and disclosure of personal information that the company may collect from its users through its platform. The privacy policy will only cater to the personal data provided by our users through the website. The company has all the rights to make changes to this privacy policy at any time; Contconcord will post the updated privacy policy to notify you on the website. Stay updated by reviewing this privacy policy so you can continue using our services under the latest privacy policy

We use your information to :

  • Collection of Information
  • Procedure of Information Collection
  • Utilization of the Data
  • Personal Information Confidentiality
  • Information Storage
  • Data Transfer Outside the EU
  • No Guarantee for Error-free Performance
  • DNT Signals
  • Contact Information

Collection of Information :

It is a policy of Contconcord to collect certain types of information from its users. This data can be non-personally indefinable data available through your browser when you visit a site online. It comprises your hardware specifications and the internet connection, the browser type you are using, and its language. Non-personally identifiable data also includes information when you send your query. The site may also collect one or more cookies that are likely to specify your browser individually. We, at Contconcord, collect your personally identifiable data, such as your name, email address, billing address, and Skype ID. This information includes your credit card details, communication record with the company, and payment history. We will also collect your IP address, system information, or the activities that you may perform on our website. This personal information may also comprise any other data you provide while interacting with Contconcord or using its services. The company does not collect sensitive data from its users, such as religious or political beliefs, ethnic or cultural origins, or medical facts. Contconcord encourages its users to inform if there is any incorrect information in the company’s record or they want to change any of their details. You can contact us to have a copy of your information recorded with Contconcord to help us ensure accurate and updated data. Users can also write us to get their personally identifiable information or their account deleted on the website. Contconcord may also gather the necessary information from any third-party service provider upon your permission.

Procedure of Information Collection :

Contconcord may collect and store some information to make your use of the service easy on the website using numerous technologies. It facilitates your access to the services and other activities, such as making search queries, completing surveys, communications, or marketing activities. We might also use cookies and identical tracking ways like web beacons to evaluate movements and manage the site. These technologies may also help us track users’ activities on the website, collect their demographic data, and serve targeted ads. When visiting our Contconcord, your computer will receive and store cookies from the website on its hard drive. With a unique blend of cookies, we can provide our customers with personalized services and improve our products, services, and website as a whole. While you can block or restrict cookies and other technologies by configuring your browser’s settings, it is likely to limit your use for certain parts, products, and services available on

Utilization of the Data :

Contconcord automatically records non-personally identifiable data through its servers or cookies to meet various requirements. These include monitoring and analyzing the use of the service, its technical administration, and making its functionality and accessibility better. We also record such information to fulfill the most common user requirements aside from generating and receiving handy information regarding our users’ characteristics and interests for the website. For this, we also pay attention to their behavior for using the website and to make sure if they meet the standards to decide a course of action for their requests. We may contact you through your information to keep you updated regarding our products and services that may interest you. Your information may also be shared in circumstances where we feel our group companies or business partners may notify you about their products or services of your interest. Contconcord uses personally identifiable data collected from you to provide any services. It helps us get your feedback on our websites, products, and services. We may also use and analyze the collected information to manage, support, and improve the current offerings and tailor our services to develop new ones to meet specific needs if convenient for the ease of our users. We may use your personal information to email receipts, invoices, delinquency notices, or send alerts if a need arises from our payment processors or gateways to obtain any information, such as credit card details. Contconcord collaborates with third parties to ensure secured credit card transactions, who receive billing information from us to process users’ orders and payments. Contconcord has no policy of sharing your data with public third parties. As mentioned earlier, our third-party service providers like analytical services, merchants or resellers, or payment processors may access your information to facilitate our services and carry out their functions. Contconcord does not sell your personal data or disclose your payment information. The company may benefit from the information aggregately collected in non-personally identifiable form by sharing it with third parties for research purposes and making vital decisions related to marketing and sales. Contconcord may share your name, email address, and other information if you wish to register for our online and offline events and webinars. We ensure a careful selection of special guests, webinar speakers, and others and require these individuals to use this data for event-related purposes only. However, if you do not wish your details shared, please write us before your registration for any Contconcord event.

Personal Information Confidentiality :

Contconcord ensures the confidentiality of its users’ data and notifies affected users before personal information becomes subject to our new business policy. Furthermore, we do not disclose personally identifiable information of our users except certain circumstances, such as requested by law enforcement agencies, pursuing outstanding liabilities, and when you permit us to do so.

Information Storage :

Providing your data means you agree to our policy to store, transfer, or process it. We ensure secured treatment for your data according to this Privacy Policy. Contconcord aims to retain your information unless you intend to withdraw your approval for the company to do so. We will store other data as specified above for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which the company initially collected it. Some information may also be retained if required by law. We use various administrative and technical security measures to protect your personal data and reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access, loss, and disclosure. Contconcord uses firewalls, physical access, and data encryption controls as some of the safeguards. Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption helps us securely collect, transfer, and handle sensitive information like your credit card data. We also provide restricted access to your data to Contconcord employees, agents, and contractors who may need the information to process it for the company. They are subject to meet strict confidentiality obligations and may have consequences in case of failure to meet these obligations.

Data Transfer Outside the EU :

The European Union protects personal information with the present data protection laws. However, you might not find the same protection for your personal information in other countries. Since we host some of our products or services or parts of the website in the USA, we may transfer any personal information submitted by our users through the site outside the EU countries to the United States. Your emails may be stored on email servers hosted in the USA or outside the European Union countries. We make reasonable efforts to ensure the necessary protection for personal data. You may email us or should not use our website if you do not wish us to transfer your information outside the EEA

No Guarantee for Error-free Performance :

While Contconcord makes reasonable efforts to detect an obligatory privacy issue, it may not always be able to do so. This privacy policy may not allow us to guarantee an error-free performance. The company welcomes your valuable feedback if you have any concerns regarding the privacy policy. Your suggestions to improve this guideline are also appreciated. Contconcord will continue to comply with this Privacy Policy and is ready to correct action if any failure to comply with it arises.

DNT Signals :

No legal standard or industry is present to recognize or honor Do Not Track or DNT signals. Accordingly, Contconcord does not respond to them at present. We determine appropriate response and its potential type by waiting for the privacy community’s result of work.

Contact Information :

Contconcord encourages its users to review the privacy policy and the terms and conditions available on the website. We care for our users’ privacy and encourage them to know our guidelines, requests, comments, and questions about our privacy policy. You are welcome to contact us via email or contact form on