Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This document of terms and conditions aim to govern your use of the services available at Contconcord.com. Using any part of the website or services means you have read and understood the terms and conditions described below. Contconcord will consider your use of the available services as your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. It will also indicate your acceptance of the acceptable use of payment platforms, such as PayPal. In case of continued use of our services verifies that you will not perform any prohibited activities mentioned in this agreement. It also indicates that you agree to the Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy. By accessing Contconcord.com, you agree to adhere to legal documentation of payment platforms and credit card processing gateways used by the website. By using Contconcord.com, you agree to comply with all laws managing your online content and conduct. Accordingly, you will not use the platform for any illegal purposes. Please do not access our website or use the services if you disagree with the Terms and Conditions. The company has the right to make the necessary changes in the Terms and Conditions without prior notice to its users. Accordingly, you may need to act under the current version of these terms every time you access our services. Contconcord encourages its users to review the latest Terms and Conditions on the website. Your acceptance of this agreement will indicate your responsibility to periodically look for the changes and/or updates to the Terms and Conditions set forth below. The company can break any existing partnership with registered users if signs of bad faith are noticed.

1. Definitions
  • The term ‘administration’ indicates representatives of the Contconcord support system.
  • An account means an individual profile of the Contconcord user, which will allow them to use every function of the system.
  • The user is anyone who uses the services of Contconcord.com and accesses any part of the website.
  • The publisher is a legally registered person with Contconcord. They can use their Publisher account to make and allocate the paid content to get compensation for such functions.
  • Buyers are legally registered individuals with Contconcord who use their Buyer account to create Tasks or use the services of Publisher with Open Offers.
2. Eligibility

Users must be sixteen years old or above to register with our services. Your registration will represent and warranty that your submitted information is genuine and accurate and that you are responsible for maintaining accuracy for such data. This agreement will also show your consent for Contconcord to use your data collected according to its Privacy Policy. The company does not allow users to transfer, assign, or resale accounts under any circumstances.

3. Registration for the Contconcord Account

You need to register for a personalized user account to use the services available on our website Contconcord.com. It requires you to provide accurate and complete personal data and keep it updated throughout your use on the site. You cannot choose or use the name of another individual or organization to create an account with any lawful purpose. You shall be responsible for keeping your Contconcord account's password secure aside from all the activities taking place on your account. It is a must to let us know about any unauthorized use or breach of security on your account.

4. Terms and Conditions for Contconcord Buyers

4.1 The Buyer will work according to information provided by the Publisher on the Contconcord server to advertise and send the essentials for the advertisement. A task will be rejected for the following conditions:

  • It is in the status of Publisher’s Acceptance on the server for more than seven days.
  • The task is “In Progress” status for more than two weeks, and the Publisher has also not sent for Buyer’s approval.
  • The Contconcord deletes all bids with the “New” status” from the open offers after a month.
  • The Buyer can contact our client support system if they want to reject an assigned Publisher in case of the following circumstances.
  • The Publisher has kept the task in the progress status for a minimum of five days.
  • The Publisher is not responsive to the Buyer’s messages.
  • The Publisher does not seem to be working on the assigned task.

4.2. If a dispute arises and all conditions of the task allow twofold versions, the favor is more likely to go in favor of the assigned Publisher
4.3. The Publisher decides the prices for the available services on the website. The Contconcord stores the correspondence between Publishers and Buyers on its server. The Administration can use it to resolve disputes
4.4. The Buyer must check the completed task received by the Publisher within three days from the date of notice from the Publisher
4.5. The Buyer must specify the precise requirements for a task to the Publisher. Accordingly, they cannot return a complete task to the Publisher for redoing or correcting anything not described earlier
4.6. The Buyer can return the content that does not meet the task requirements to the Publisher
4.7. The Buyer cannot modify the task requirements after the work on the task has already been started
4.8. Paid and published content are not subject to any changes
4.9. The Buyer must pay the set commission to use the Contconcord services. The Buyer will pay the company for the agreed-upon commission or fee to use the Service according to these Terms and Conditions. Timely payments are a must
4.10. The Buyers must agree to provide complete and accurate billing information and promptly notify in case of any change in the same. The Buyer must notify Contconcord in case of a security breach, such as unauthorized access to the user name or password
4.11. If the Buyer does not access their Contconcord account within four months, the company will consider them inactive and charge any funds on their Contconcord account as an inactive charge. 4.12. The Contconcord stores the correspondence between Publishers and Buyers on its server. The Administration can use it to resolve disputes. The company keeps all the data about the tasks and the payments exchanged between the Publisher and the Buyer confidential

5. Terms and Conditions for Contconcord Publishers

5.1 The Publisher must consider any task offers received from potential Buyers within five working days
5.2. The Contconcord system automatically rejects a task if:

  • it is pending in the “Your Acceptance” status for more than seven days.
  • it is pending in the “Your Acceptance” status for more than seven days.
  • Any bids present with the “New” status will no longer be available in the Open Offer after thirty days.

5.3. The Publisher must complete the assigned task after they accept it from the Buyer. They must meet specific requirements of the Buyer to complete the assigned task
5.4. The Publishers set the prices for all available tasks types
5.5. If the Publisher does not meet the requirement of the assigned task or deletes the paid content, the Buyer will get a refund of their paid fee from the Publisher account. In case of insufficient balance in the Publisher’s account, the Contconcord Administration reserves the right to freeze his account until the Publisher clarifies all the circumstances of the deletion or placement of incorrect content
5.6. The Publisher cannot make any changes in the task approved and published by the Buyer. They also cannot place any other links or advertisements in the content other than those specified by the Buyer
5.7. Contconcord gives the Buyer the right to return the assigned task to the Publisher for redoing if it does not meet the specified task requirements. The Buyer cannot ask for task revision more than three times, and they are obliged to pay the agreed payment to the Publisher
5.8. The company keeps all the data about the tasks and the payments exchanged between the Publisher and the Buyer confidential
5.9. The Publisher cannot remove content placed by the Buyer’s request
5.10. Contconcord Administration will resolve any disputes between the Purchaser and the Buyer according to these Terms and Conditions. It will utilize the correspondence between the Publisher and the Buyer and the Buyer’s task
5.11. The Administration reserves the right to suspend a registered Publisher account in case of a breach of these Terms and Conditions

6. Refund Policy

6.1. Contconcord Credits lists all the prices. While 1 credit is equivalent to 1 USD, the user buys credits by adding funds to their account using credit cards and PayPal. Contconcord services are final and non-refundable, though users can contact the company to request a refund within a month if they believe the payment has been sent mistakenly
6.2. The Buyer can also request a dispute and a refund if the task they received is improper. Contconcord has the right to arbitrate disputes between Publishers and Buyers. The Buyer will get a refund to their balance within the Contconcord system if a dispute’s decision goes in their favor