Create and Publish Content While Being Rewarded For It

Meet hundreds of buyers every day to create and publish their high-quality content on your site and get paid for it.

Work Process

How it works ?

Add your Platform

Add your platform to Contconcord by passing a simple moderation test.

receive Oders

Expect to receive daily publishing tasks directly from our buyers.

Earn Money

Earn money while doing your favorite content creation and publishing jobs.

What You Get

A new monetization model for your blog with content creation and publishing besides unreliable ads and affiliate revenue streams.

Get paid handsomely and in the right amounts for the quality of work you produce.

The opportunity of posting niche-relevant content for buyers without risking going outside your department.

Get higher rankings in search engines since you will be creating niche-relevant and high-quality content, exactly what is expected of SEOs.

You are the only authority over what will be created and published for your website while staying inside your area of content expertise.

Highlight the sponsored content to let your readers know of it and thus maintain a high level of transparency.

Directly contact the buyers on our site to get further clarifications and instructions to provide a better service.

We ensure a 100% guaranteed payout system that releases payments right after the buyer has chosen you to publish their content.

The Most Efficient Website Monetization

Advanced Publisher Roles:


Even if you don’t own a website, you start as a contributor who simply adds sites and monetizes them without any hassle.

Website Owner:

Again, all that’s required of you as a site owner is to verify your website ownership after signing up, monetize them, and get additional benefits in this role.

Adding Sites is Convenient Than Ever:

Single Site:

It doesn’t matter even if you have just one website, sign up, and start receiving publishing tasks.

Multiple Site:

The more, the marrier; you can also add a list of websites, verify them, and enhance your streams to earn more income.